Our Story

A big hello from us all here at Espresso Underground, thank you for taking the time to visit our site and find out more about our business.

A family-run business, Espresso Underground provides an extra personal touch and an honest service as well as striving to ensure we’re offering the best quality products and service possible.

Several years ago Espresso Technical started life to service and repair espresso coffee machines, gradually over time the company expanded to include machine and coffee sales and in 2017 due to customer demand Espresso Technical merged with Espresso Underground enabling us to offer a complete end to end coffee solution guaranteeing exceptional quality coffee, machines, parts and above all service.

Espresso Underground is different……unlike many of our competitors we offer a full range of products all essential to a smooth and seamless operation with new products being added all of the time ensuring we’re keeping up with the ever growing fast paced coffee industry and of course our servicing and repair background allows us to offer our customers with unlimited reliable technical backup.

To find out more information please email us on info@espressounderground.co.uk or call 01455 610 346

Why choose Espresso Underground?

We are a Midlands based family run coffee business that focus on customer service and quality coffee options for our clients.

We provide quality coffee machines, beans, consumables and spare parts and help customers to develop this area of their business through Point of Sale and training, meaning that not only are they increasing the quality of their coffee offering but also driving their sales and increasing profit.

We offer 1-4 group traditional espresso coffee machines, domestic machines and bean to cup systems, all of which will produce consistently great espresso coffee based drinks and are extremely capable and reliable. New to our product range, Espresso Underground have now introduced pour and serve units for the small office to full tower event catering systems.

We also now provide Nitro Coffee systems that allow for cold brew coffee which is the same coffee you know and love but combined with Nitrogen (a colourless odourless gas). These systems are new to the industry but are quickly establishing themselves as the next big thing in coffee.

Finally, we offer serving and repairs for all machines, further information for this can be found below.

How you can benefit?

We offer anything you can possibly need from a provider for this area, we provide our customers with machines (including 1000 drinks worth of free award-winning coffee beans), free training, free installation, Point of Sale items, warranty, servicing and repairs.

We have dedicated account managers for all our customers meaning that you have a point of contact within the business that can be available to answer any questions you may have, help arrange for technical support in the event of any issues and take orders for any coffee, consumables and spare parts required.

Point of Sale

Our unique branding will make your coffee offering stand out from the crowd with various Point of Sale items available including branded china, takeaway cups, pavement signs, table menus, A1 posters and Loyalty cards with stamps to encourage repeat business when an agreement is signed to solely use our coffee.

To maintain the integrity of our brand we will only provide Point of Sale items to customers that are using our coffee, should you elect to use another provider for coffee the branded Point of Sale items are not to be used.