G10 – 3 Group


• The machine will get up to temperature at a set time, allowing you to get to work the moment that you open up. Less down time, less waiting.
• PID technology ensures that temperatures are controlled, allowing for coffee to be brewed in its optimum conditions.
• Adjust settings, use it as an advertising display and check dates and times, the G10 is very easy to use thanks to its simple and effective LCD panel.
• The Expobar G10 is built to make espressos consistently and reliably for years to come.
• Raised groups
• Pre-infusion chamber for a smoother extraction
• Descaler and maintenance warning features
• Copper boiler with heat exchange
• Built-in volumetric pump
• Warning light indicates when boiler is running low on water
• Automatic group head back flush
• Adjustable steam arm
• Hot water tap

Expobar – G10 – 3 Group



Weight:  kg

Width: 98.0 cm

Height: 53.0 cm

Depth: 59.0 cm