Heard about Nitro Coffee and wondering just what is it?

The simple answer is that it is the same coffee you know and love but combined with Nitrogen (a colourless odourless gas). This may sound like a random combination but think about how common this is in the beer and soft drink industries…

The process works in the same way that beer kegs provide ice cold drinks through kegs and taps, so given how successful this is surely it makes sense for coffee (one of the most consumed drinks not only in the UK but the world) to do the same…

A glass of Nitro coffee looks like a frothy beer, and has a comparable thickness.

The foam created by the Nitrogen gives the illusion of a sweet taste without the health risks that sugar brings to the table so on reflection it’s a healthy option! Not only that but because the coffee beans used are steeped for longer periods of time than typically, leading to a richer, less acidic (sour) taste that isn’t as hard on your stomach.

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