We have seen many trends come and go over the years within the food and drink industry and you could be mistaken for thinking that the concept of a cold brew coffee is just another here today gone tomorrow idea, but in truth it looks to be much more. The cold brew coffee has been tipped by some of the leading experts as the next big thing in the coffee industry worldwide.

Cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas and served straight from the tap like a beer and could even be mistaken for pint of Guinness with its velvety texture and foamy top. So you can see how easily this drink will slot in to the growing coffee industry making a bigger dent in the pub trade, particularly on those hot summer days for those designated drivers looking for a something new and exciting to drink.

American coffee drinkers set the pace last year by swapping lattes for “cold-brew” – created by steeping coffee grounds for up to 24 hours to produce a concentrated essence. But the sexed-up “nitro” version which is available in selected artisan coffee bars is predicted to have broader appeal in the UK and Espresso Underground are very excited to be one of a short list of businesses that will  be pioneering this exciting new drink!

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