Twin Eco Tube Font


A twin tap font for the Nitro Open Coffee System. Includes two taps, one for Nitro coffee and one for cold coffee, and a drip tray. This font will clamp onto any worktop and featuring a tap cooling circuit. The perfect addition to a Nitro coffee set up


Product Features

  • Product features
    • Nitro tap material: stainless steel
    • Cold brew tap material: plastic
    • Drip tray material: rubber
    • Size: two taps
    • Height: 534mm (from base to top of tap)
    • Connections: 5/16
    • Compatible with: all Nitro Coffee Systems
    • Includes: Nitro spout (x1), cold brew spout (x1), 5/16 John Guest product lines (x2), mini python water loop (x1), clamp bracket (x1), drip tray (x1)
    • Also available: single tap
    • Also available: replacement stainless steel tap