Renting is similar to an insurance policy; you pay monthly but never actually see the benefit.

When renting the cost of the machine and equipment has to be paid for and the possibility of call outs for faults has to be taken into account so all of these costs are included in the monthly rental price. You pay for the machine and the possibility of faults but never own it the machine.

When renting a machine there is the possibility that it has been previously rented which could result in more faults and issues with the machine.

When running a business, the last thing you need to be worrying about is the coffee machine; so to provide a great coffee you need a good quality reliable coffee machine.

Lease purchase is to us the better option, it’s more cost effective and at the end of the lease period you will own the machine. At this point you have two options; upgrade to a newer model or continue using your machine without monthly costs.

When it comes down to deciding which is the best option for you, ask yourself the following questions Do I want to spend money and never actually own the machine with the high risk of issues occurring? or Shall I pay less and have confidence that the machine is reliable and own the machine at the end of my contract?

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