Weight:  kg

Width: 104.5 cm

Height: 56.5 cm

Depth: 55.0 cm


3 Group (Auto)


• Top quality copper boiler heated by multiple looped element.
• Pressure controlled by a triple contact pressure switch.
• Automatic water level system with a probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve.
• The pressure of water and steam is separately controlled by brass safety valves.
• Groups have a clearance of 120mm to allow for 12oz takeaway cups and 8oz latte glasses.
• Hot water and steam are released by rotating the valve handles on the solid brass valves.
• Brass bodied group with stainless shower plate, solenoid valve and high pressure pump.
• Thermosyphonic circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee making.
• Case, waste and cup tray are all made from stainless steel 304.
• Micro processor diagnostics provide statistics on the number of coffees produced through each group.
• Automatic group cleaning cycle features on 2 and 3 group electronic machines.
• Easy clean steam tubes.

Fracino – Romano – 3 Group (Auto)